Released May 28, 2013

Hello Galena! Features Artists Joan Grippo and Richard Pearce

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Hello Galena! News: Released May 28

Hello Galena! is featuring the works of two local artists, Joan Grippo and Richard Pearce. Stop in the artists' co-operative shop at 121 N. Commerce Street in Galena to see Nature celebrated by the works of Grippo and Pearce.

Both artists use Nature as the focus of their artwork. Grippo creates large sculptures and benches to beautify gardens of homes and pathways in parks. Pearce uses digital technology to capture the minutest details of native upper Mississippi flora and an occasional insect.

Grippo's interest in art formed as she grew up in an artistically-talented family of six children. After her careers as teacher, business owner, computer programmer and consultant, it was natural for her to become a full-time artist.

Throughout her 20-year art career, Grippo developed her talents in three-dimensional art mediums. She repurposes objects into her pieces whenever possible. "I am now incorporating 'pique assiette' (French for 'broken plate') recycled mosaics into my metal designs and water features," explains Grippo.

Pearce believes he "fell upon" a new way of imaging objects in ultra-high resolution, but perhaps his career as biomedical researcher prepared him to notice the small wonders around us.

The imaging technique Pearce has developed is so new that it is without a name. He explains, "I call my images 'photoscans' because the lens and light source both move across the subject during exposure." Peace's equipment does not include a camera; instead he uses a modified office-type flatbed scanner, which can be taken into the field along with a laptop computer and a power generator. Additional lighting effects are achieved with side and back lights.

While many of Pearce's remarkable images are enjoyed as miniature photos, the high digital content of each scan makes it possible to print the image as a large mural measuring several feet on a side. The image will actually gain resolution and clarity.

Both artists continue to experiment and learn new ways to express their creativity. See Pearce's expanding collection of Upper Mississippi Flora online at, and, in addition to the Hello Galena shop, view his artwork at The Stonehouse Gallery in Galena and the Longbranch Gallery in Mineral Point, WI. Grippo's work is available in many fine garden centers in the greater Chicago area, at the Chicago Botanic Garden, and the Hello Galena shop. Her website is

Hello Galena! is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization made up of more than 65 local artists. Their artwork and signature gift items are displayed at 121 N. Commerce Street, Galena, Ill. Artists staff the art-only shop. Check out our handy online map, store hours and directions.

For more information, call (815) 777-1448 during shop hours.

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