Released April 24, 2013

Hello Galena! Features Artist J. Allan Zver

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Hello Galena! News: Released April 24

Hello Galena!, a local artist co-op, features the works of artist J. Allan Zver. Stop in the artists' co-operative shop at 121 N. Commerce Street in Galena to see Zver's original paintings done in acrylics, oils and pastels.

Zver's preferred subject is landscapes, and he enjoys working with acrylics the most. Inspiration comes from his two favorite surroundings--rolling hills and pristine beaches.

Art is Zver's second career, but his first career in international procurement played a part in the development of his artistic passion. While traveling for business, he visited famous art centers and museums around the world. Observation and appreciation were stepping stones leading to Zver's goal to be a working artist.

In retirement, Zver had time to learn how the masterpieces were created. He studied painting techniques, taking classes in Venice, Fla. and in Galena, Ill. "I learned from Francesco Agresti and Karen Hitt in Florida and from Janet Checker and Mark Skidmore in Galena," Zver explains. "I found a style with colors and impressionism that catches images and light to reflect emotion."

In addition to the Hello Galena! shop, works of art by Zver are exhibited at Skidmore Art Gallery in Galena. Zver has participated in art shows in Galena, as well as at the Venice Art Center. This year's poster design for the Galena Festival of Performing Arts summer concert series is a Zver creation.

Hello Galena! is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization made up of more than 65 local artists. Their artwork and signature gift items are displayed at 121 N. Commerce Street, Galena, Ill. Artists staff the art-only shop. Check out our handy online map, store hours and directions.

For more information, call (815) 777-1448 during shop hours.

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