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Meet Hello Galena Artist: Kimberley Poe-Jensen

Kimberley Poe-Jensen, of Beaded Delights on Hill has been creating jewelry as art since 2002, and pays special attention to developing each piece as unique. This means that every item is truly one of a kind.

"I enjoy creating jewelry as an outlet for my creativity and as a way to release stress," she said. Over the years, Poe-Jensen has changed how she designs and creates jewelry. "I pay attention to the trends in colors. But more than that, I look at the colors that inspire me. Sometimes it's the color of a sunset or a sign on a store."

Other times, she creates her jewelry with a theme in mind. This year, her jewelry is a new collection that she calls "Juxtaposition: Mod-tique."

"I have made some of my pieces to represent antique pieces, but they are created with new beads and findings," she said. "The other half of my collection is an unusual combination of 'modern' and 'antique.' It's kind of like the past meets the present."

The collection includes necklaces, earrings and bracelets, and a close look shows they are made using different techniques.

"Some of my art is made by wire-wrapping, while others are made with traditional bead wire. I also make memory-wire bracelets, which are made to fit anyone as one size fits all wrists," she said.

When Poe-Jensen agreed to be the featured artist, she never thought she would end up taking the position at "Hello, Galena!" as the gallery manager. But that is her new title now, along with "jewelry artist," "free-lance writer," "volunteer," and "mom."

"I am excited about this phase of my life. My children are getting a little more independent, which allows me to take on some more hobbies and work. My son currently attends Kindergarten at Tri-State Christian School in Galena, which makes it easy for me to spend time in Galena at the gallery," she said. She and her husband, Tom Jensen, also have a 3-year-old daughter, who will be attending preschool this fall.

Poe-Jensen's work is for sale at Hello Galena, located at 121 N. Commerce St., in Galena. Find Hello Galena's online map, store hours and directions.

Be sure to read about Poe-Jensen's book released Fall 2009.

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