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Meet Hello Galena Artist: Barbara Kellar

For many years, Barb Kellar has been involved in fabric and fiber arts. After coming to Galena she began quilting. Then she started painting and realized that she could apply what she learned about color and texture in the domestic arts to the fine arts.

“I realize how my skills in different areas can be used interchangeably,” she said.

Kellar became seriously interested in drawing and painting only after having grandchildren. She wanted to tell their stories in both words and pictures and to create images that her children and grandchildren would enjoy. Her youngest grandchild is due in August, and her oldest is 21. She is currently working on illustrating the children's stories and poems that she has written for her grandchildren.

Kellar started working with pastels and lately has taken up watercolors. Her favorite subjects are animals and humans.

“What a great way to appreciate nature and life,” she said. “Now I see the world differently, as though I’m a child again, and everything is new.”

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