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Meet Hello Galena Artist: John W. Hundrieser

Find out more about the man behind the lens in our interview with photographer John W. Hundrieser:

How did you become interested in photography?
I started as a teenager with a used 35mm camera. In early 2004 I bought my first digital camera, and learned PhotoShop from a friend. At that time I had a desktop PC that I used to begin doing digital work. Shortly thereafter I bought a laptop PC so that I could take it on the road with me, download my images from my camera to it, adjust or correct them as needed, and it served as a storage device.

Tell us a bit about how you work:
So now I do the whole process myself. I take the photo, process it in PhotoShop, and then print up to 13x19 inch. If I want a larger print, or a print on canvas, I send a copy of the completed file (image) over the Internet to companies that do that for me.

Talk about your training, mentors or inspiration:
I went to a city college in Chicago where I signed up for Introduction to Photography 101. On the first day that I was in the darkroom I made a print of a man known as The Chicken Man, or Chicken Charlie. When the class instructor saw my photo he said, "What are you doing in here?" I responded that I was making prints. Then he told me I didn't need to come to class anymore if I didn't want to, and he'd give me an A for the course. He further told me to sign up for Advanced Photography 102 next semester, that I didn't need to attend class and he'd give me an A for that too. Well, let me tell you that was very encouraging.

Talk about your favorite places to work:
If I had to pick a favorite area for photography, I would say the southwestern U.S., because it is so beautiful, so colorful, and the lighting is excellent. I love the outdoors and nature, forest preserves, National Parks. I also love Galena and its surrounds.

Talk about your greatest creative influences:
I've always loved looking at books and magazines of photographs by great photographers, like Ansel Adams, and National Geographic. I have a subscription to a digital photo magazine. I was in a camera club where I won a lot of awards including Best Large Color Photo of the year.

Who is your favorite artist?
I don't have a favorite artist. I love many of the great impressionists, Monet, Van Gogh. In photography there are past greats like Ansel Adams, Edward Weston. Currently I like artists like Rick Sammon, and Jack Dykinga, also Galen Rowell who died in a plane crash not too long ago.

What's your next major project?
I'm contemplating doing a series of macros of flowers.

Where do you find your best inspiration?
I find inspiration by allotting time for photographing and then going out with my camera and looking for images.

What is your best advice for aspiring artists?
Get into it, do it, don't be afraid or lack confidence. In photography, one of the best ways to learn is to take a lot of photos. You'll find out what's good and what isn't.

What's your favorite escape?
My favorite escapes are traveling and golf.

What book is on your nightstand reading?
I just finished Golf For Enlightenment by Deepak Chopra and haven't yet started another book.

What's the latest music playing in your iPod or CD player?
In my CD player is Bliss by David Young.

Hundrieser’s photography is for sale at Hello Galena, at 121 N. Commerce St., in Galena. Find online map, store hours and directions.

If you'd like to contact Photographer John W. Hundrieser about his work, you may reach him via e-mail.

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