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Meet Hello Galena Artist: Zelma Clark

In memoriam, Zelma's art will continue to be displayed in the shop as one of our featured artists.

Hello Galena featured artist, Zelma Clark and her husband Richard lived in Galena for more than 35 years, the longest they had ever lived in any one town or city, and Galena was truly home for them. The Galena community mourns her passing in September 2012.

She received her art training in Chicago, where they lived and worked before moving here.

After more than 40 years as a graphic designer, Zelma shifted her focus to doing fine art, including: commissions that range from portraits to wall-size murals; exhibitions, such as a recent show at the Stone House Pottery and Gallery; and, of course, displays of her work at Hello Galena!

Examples of her work can be seen at the Galena Public Library, in the main Lobby of the Telegraph Herald in Dubuque.

Her exhibitions and one-person shows at Hello Galena! and various galleries was titled "A Salute to the Human Form." Her work includes landscapes, portraits, florals and abstracts and is done in a variety -- and sometimes combination -- of media, such as charcoal, pastel, ink, oil, acrylic, watercolor and gouache.

In her own words:
"When asked the question, 'Who are you?' my gut response is to say, 'I am an artist.' Then I think they just want my name, so I give them my name.

"I paint, draw, and think because I am an artist. Everything I see relates to that basic fact. My long-held hope is to obtain the essence of a human figure in a single line. I strive for simplicity and vitality of line.

"Sometimes original verse evolves from my work. For example:

"Pale green, winter-bleached hope for spring."
~ Zelma Clark

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